Request for payment

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  1. Generate a new address to the client:
    getnewaddress «account»
    where «account» — a user name on your system. This name will be written in the wallet as a label to address.
  2. Generate special link URI to make a payment «in one click». Link launches the application on the client device and inserts options for payment: amount, label, message (payment details). The client only needs to click the \»Send\» button.
    • Format URI: sibcoin:SQVjvk5DiToPR4ktZpHQBiWos718scGizB?amount=100.00000000&label=AlexxTrade&message=account_deposit
    • SQVjvk5DiToPR4ktZpHQBiWos718scGizB – address, you generated for the client
    • amount=100.00000000 – SIB amount for payment
    • label=AlexxTrade – label for the customer wallet (the name of your store / service, displayed in his notebook)
    • message=account_deposit – payment details
  3. Generate QR-code to pay with mobile devices. entering addresses manually is extremely inconvenient on mobile devices, QR-code is much more convenient. QR-Reader built into the SIBCoin mobile wallet. To generate you can use any open library or service. The URI should to be encoded in QR-code.As a result, after clicking on «Pay» button in your shop, the customer has to see something like this:

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