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Convenient tool for issuing digital assets for business. Tokenization on Sibcoin blockchain.

Sibcoin Colored Coins – is a technology built upon the Sibcoin protocol that allows users to issue their own colored coins – tokens based on Sibcoin blockchain in just a few clicks. Such tokens will have all the values of blockchain-based assets:

– decentralization

– safe storage

– transaction speed

– transparency

  • cryptocurrency creation

  • issuing utility tokens for ICO

  • issuing stable-coins

  • loyalty program launch

  • private asset tokenization

  • issuing security tokens for companies

Tokens issued this way can be used as cryptocurrencies, stocks, tickets, coupons and other digital assets.

Local and corporate cryptocurrencies

The ability of issuing global, local or even corporate cryptocurrencies as well as ICO tokens is not the only thing ColorSIB is capable of, since there are a lot of real world economy use cases.

For instance:

A company issues stocks. In our case both stock ownership and voting rights, as well as dividend payments is done using blockchain technology, which guarantees transparency and trust between all parties.

Digital asset issuance for charity projects. Key feature – full transparency of payments and transactions.

This technology allows for easy selling and buying of digital objects. Such as musical works, e-books, software, digital art.

One of the Sibcoin blockchain and ColorSib technology use cases: issuing tokens for an ICO and using a platform for accumulating funds.

The platform allows for fast and easy token issue. Additionally users will have no difficulties of purchasing cryptocurrencies due to the built-in services of purchasing SIB for fiat money, making it easier to run an ICO for mass audiences.

Use case: Ticketcoin ICO for Gazgolder music label.

With colored coins it is possible to create

  • Subway tokens

  • Museum ticket

  • Ticket to any other place with paid entrance

Also such ticket or token will not only be fully digital, making it simple to use, store and transfer, but will also have total copy protection.

Sibcoin Foundation Team and Sibcoin Innovation Team

will be glad to assist you with issuing tokens for your business using ColorSIB technology.

For cooperation and partnership possibilities contact us via

ColorSib technical details and protocol description is available here: Sibcoin Wiki.


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