Masternode set up instructions

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To set up a node you will need the following:

  1. 4000 SIB
  2. Server with permanent IPv4 address or VPS
  3. A wallet version 0.16.2 or higher
  4. A bit of knowledge and luck 🙂

Sibcoin GUI Wallet (e.g sibcoin-qt.exe for Windows) can serve as a node but it is recommended to use console version.

1. At a local wallet console type

then copy the newly created address to any txt file

2. type

copy the long output string to the same txt file as above

3. send 4000 SIBCoins to the node address using the following command

Where is the address acquired on Step 1
Copy the output of this command to the same txt file as above
Then you should wait for 15 network confirmations of this transaction.
This will normally take about 40 minutes so you can have a beer or two.

It is important not to drink vodka at this step, it should be saved for the afterparty
In the local wallet with collateral go to Debug console and type there:

As the response, you will see a lot of things, but you need to find the outputs number of your sending. Find the amount “4000” and near of it you will see the value of the key “n” (may be 0, 1 or higher). That is your output number. Remember it – you will use it a little bit later.

At the same local computer find Sibcoin data folder

For Windows it usually sounds like c :\users\\appdata\roaming\sibcoin, where is your username

There should be a file masternode.conf. Open it with any simple text editors or create a new one file with this name

Insert the following line into this masternode.conf

It should finally look like something similar to this

(do not try to put this example string to your masternode.conf, it is authors masternode, protected by copyright law)

Save it and restart your local wallet.

At the remote server (VPS)

Find SIBCoin data directory
Create file sibcoin.conf or open existing one

Insert the following lines:

Save the file
Start remote wallet

At the LOCAL wallet console type the following

or if you want to start only one node:

And check the output
You should see something like this

The key word here is SUCCESSFULLY
Have a vodka, you just started your first Sibcoin masternode!


For the node to work you should never spend that ​4000 SIBCoins​sent to masternode address at step 1

P.P.S. You have to go to the next step as quickly as possible because without it your node will be enabled not for long.

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